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“It was fantastic, I can’t tell you. When I left, my shoulder felt like there was nothing wrong with it. But from an emotional level I felt calm, I felt amazing, I slept really well that night. It blew my mind.”

Rose, Naturopath/Nutritionist

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“Having tried every avenue to alleviate a long term health issue, 6 months ago I decided to try acupuncture. Richard is a kind, skilful, dedicated practitioner, who listens attentively and clearly communicates all his treatment decisions. He works with patience and a truly supportive, caring manner, providing additional insights into his practice and offering helpful dietary and exercise  advice. I feel so lucky to have found him – I  genuinely cannot recommend him highly enough.”


“Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) can be very uncomfortable for 12-18 months. Although it’s a self limiting condition, which does get better, I had some osteopathic treatment (using the Simeon Niel Asher Technique) followed by some acupuncture with Richard. As an osteopath myself, I knew how to treat the condition but I reached a plateau at the end. The acupuncture with Richard really helped my shoulder go from about 70% better to 100% better with no discomfort at all and I regained a full range of movement. The treatment was gentle and effective. I am delighted to be able to recommend Richard.”

Gayle, Registered Osteopath

“I am so grateful for the treatment I received which has been very successful. I was in a great deal of pain and had tried everything under the sun to stop it, finally turning to Richard. His professional approach and obvious knowledge put my mind at rest immediately and his positive attitude to my problem was a major force in my rehabilitation. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”


“I had pain in my lower back caused by repetitive lifting of heavy loads whilst doing my job. This also caused walking and standing to be painful and produced constipation.

Previously my wife had used acupuncture for pain relief caused by a slipped spinal disc with amazing results so I was confident to try acupuncture myself.

After 6 appointments of acupuncture and massage my symptoms had greatly reduced. Richard is very professional, patient and explained his procedures in an understandable way so no nasty surprises!!

I now have no pain in back, walk more confidently and back to normal for digestion… I am now able to continue lifting heavy items at work without problems.”


“After some bad experiences at other clinics I was delighted to find Richard… He was very personable and always had time to sit and talk about how I had been since the last session. I feels he genuinely cares about his clients and this comes across in his attentiveness and the time he puts into each session. He really helped me cope with debilitating chronic pain and health conditions and helped to picked me up at my lowest points.

Richard always seems to be developing his skills and expertise – I have seen many practitioners over the years and I’ve found the best ones are those that regularly attend further training.

I also attended a qi gong beginners course taught by Richard and regular classes. I would highly recommend him for both acupuncture and Qi Gong. Thank you Richard for your time and support over the years.”


“I came to see Richard as my holistic doctor suggested that acupuncture may help my immune system. In the initial consultation Richard took details of my health, lifestyle, diet which would help him decide on treatment and why he thought this would best help me. Richard’s manner was reassuring & considerate, explaining exactly what he was going to do and what I should expect. I was pleasantly surprised that the needles did not hurt as much as I feared. As a result of my weekly treatments over 6 weeks I have more energy and now manage without an afternoon sleep. I feel more relaxed and less anxious. All benefits that I did not expect acupuncture to deliver.”


“I herniated a disc in my back and had tried several treatment types (including medication, osteopathy and an operation) when a couple of people close to me recommended trying acupuncture… Of course my main goal was simply to have a day where I wasn’t in excruciating pain, but Richard accomplished this and much more. It did take a few sessions to make major improvements (which was explained) but I cannot recommend his acupuncture highly enough – I now no longer need to take the painkillers and am back getting on with my life again! Other symptoms that I had had for years and never thought much of have disappeared and I feel better and more balanced than I have in a long time.”


“Although it’s very early days my pain had been massively reduced since Wednesday I am sleeping well again and the constant throbbing pain from my bone on bone arthritis has been replaced by a dull ache, which is much more manageable.  My knees are still sore but definitely improved!!” (after one session)


“I have suffered with very heavy periods and period pain for 13 years and over the few years they have been increasingly worse. After just 3 Acupunture sessions with Richard he has reduced the bleeding from 9 – 16 days to 3 days and with no pain killers.

As a complete believer in what I call modern medicine this is a game changer. I can not recommend or thank Richard enough. A true ‘A’ class professional, takes all your history and listens to what you have to say and most of all how you are feeling. Thank you and I will be keeping this up.”


“A while ago I was suffering from a pain in the cruciate ligament behind my right kneecap which made walking quite difficult. This was completely cured after Richard treated it with electro-acupuncture. The relief from pain was immediate on both resting the knee and walking.

I subsequently suffered a severe pain in the rotator cuff of my left shoulder, which meant that I was unable to raise my arm above shoulder height and unable to play golf for some time. Living some distance from Richard this injury was treated with physiotherapy sessions and massage, which helped only slightly.

Return visits to the Malvern area meant that I was able to have two acupuncture sessions about one month apart. As a result the symptoms eased considerably and the exercises prescribed by Richard have helped to continue the improvement. I am sure that if I had been able to have more frequent treatments the improvement would have been accelerated. I am now able to raise my arm pain-free above my head and have resumed playing golf.”


“ I had damaged nerve ends in the bottom of my foot which caused pain and irritation, particularly when playing sports. I’d had minor surgery but this had not helped and Richard was recommended to me. I had several sessions with Richard, who carefully guided and explained his process of stimulating the nerves in my foot. His professional and helpful approach has resulted in the pain and irritation disappearing for the most part. I consider my time with Richard as a worthwhile  and beneficial experience”


“I visited Richard initially with symptoms of the menopause – I didn’t want to take HRT and wanted a more holistic way to get through it.  Even after the first treatment the night sweats diminished and the headaches lessened.  This continued to be the case and it passed off uneventfully thanks to his treatment. I continue to see Richard more for ‘general maintenance’ as I always manage to damage myself in some way and he always manages to help.  Most recently he relieved 3 months of hip pain related to a knee operation in just one session. I would highly recommend him.”